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Mike Megrath at The Lycium Centre treati

I was born in New Zealand and returned to Bangor age 8.  I managed Stewarts supermarkets in my 20’s.


I was nursing a knee injury (skiing accident) and was told I need a knee operation and would need to wait several months.  Luckily I met a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner who sorted my knee out and I was so blown away and inspired by the guy that enrolled on his course and studied with him for 4 years. 


During this time I delved into therapies and qualified in massage and advanced massage (late 80’s) I was the resident masseur for the cast of Starlight Express for 3 years in London. This high octane roller skating musical gave me ample opportunity to hone my sports injury skills.  I also started my own massage company - which offered On-site massage to deskbound office workers in the City of London.  


I graduated in 1992 (Chinese Herbs) and 1994 (Acupuncture) Returning to Bangor in 1995, my wife and I established The Lycium Centre - this was a first for Bangor offering both Eastern and Western therapies in the same treatment.


My personalised treatments are a minimum of 60 minutes. Treatment session can include - consultation, diagnosis, massage, acupuncture, mobilisation and herbs/exercise plan to go.

I specialise in Back and Joint complaints and have found, over the years, that the combination of all these therapies provide the best support both remedial massage and preventative care.


I was born in Scotland and graduated BSc (Hons) from Glasgow University.  Worked as a Systems Engineer for IBM for 14 years. I had a knee operation (too many high impact activities) and, whilst recovering, became increasingly fascinated with all things Mind, Body and Spirit.  So much so, I decided to leave IBM and pursue a career in holistic therapies.


I managed East West Herb Clinic in Covent Garden after meeting my husband and this gave me a good understanding of Chinese Medicine.  Mike was studying it at the time. I attended many aromatherapy courses, events and expos - Massage, Shiatsu intro, counselling, crystal healing, meditation - and reflexology.

We are both big fans of holistic therapies and have both participated and ran many meditation groups both here and in London.  We continue to attend seminars and courses in new disciplines. There is always something new to learn - which we can enjoy and find valuable to share with our clients in Bangor.  


You can benefit from our wide range of skills and therapeutic knowledge.


Why not give us a try?  Let us help you on your own healing journey.


The Lycium Centre - Certificates of Acup
Massage Chair and Table at The Lycium Ce
The Lycium Centre - Chinese Herbal Medic
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